What is Miom? Dangerous?

Do you know what myoma is? Maybe most of you know the term myoma, considering that 75% of women have had myoma, but unfortunately most of them don't realize it, which increases the risk of disease. Myoma is a medical term for tumors in the uterine lining that is not malignant or cancerous. At first the myoma comes from uterine muscle cells which then grow abnormally into a benign tumor. For its own size varies from seed size to large size which has an impact on the enlargement of the uterus.
Myoma Types
Once you know what myoma is, you also need to know the types. Where the myoma is divided into several types, based on the location of growth. The first type of myoma is intramural fibroids, this type of myoma grows between the uterine muscles. the next type of myoma is subserous fibroids which generally grow outside the uterine wall into the pelvic cavity, compared with other types of myoma, this type is at risk of growing very large. And the last type of myoma is submucous fibroids that grow in the inner muscle layer of the uterine wall. So is myoma dangerous?
The danger of myoma in women
By recognizing what is myoma, we can also find out the effects and effects caused by the growth of myoma. Although it can be said that myoma is a benign tumor and does not lead to cancer, but still myoma has a risk that is quite dangerous for women, especially in pregnant women considering this myoma grows in the uterus. The first impact of the growth of myoma in the uterus is low chances of pregnancy if the myoma grows in the cervical canal because it will inhibit the entry of sperm into the uterus, which makes fertilization difficult. For this reason, women with myoma are generally required to remove the myoma before carrying out a pregnancy program.
If the myoma grows in pregnant women, it will be more dangerous because it can result in internal bleeding, disorders of the fetal placenta, placental and fetal abnormalities, weak contractions to severe bleeding during normal childbirth which can certainly endanger the safety of the fetus and mother. Not only that interference with the location of the placenta can also have an impact on miscarriage, especially if the placental attachment to the uterine wall is quite weak. You certainly do not want to experience this, right? That is why every woman is required to understand what myoma is, for early prevention.
Symptoms of myoma
In addition to finding out what myoma is, you also need to know the signs of myoma growth in the uterus for early protection. Myoma symptoms are quite difficult to detect which makes many women do not realize it until the size of the myoma has enlarged. Some of the symptoms of myoma that you should be aware of include pain in the abdomen or hip, as well as pressure in the pelvic area, the stomach feels full to urinate disorders.
And if the myyom size has enlarged, there are some symptoms that you should be aware of, such as having anemic disorder due to excessive menstrual bleeding, irregular menstrual disorders, the onset of pain during intercourse, difficulty getting pregnant, so that it can cause miscarriage and premature bleeding in pregnancy early. If you experience some of these, then you must immediately see a doctor. These are some things you should know about what is myoma. I hope the information we have conveyed can be useful.
Description: What is myoma? All you need to know is that myoma is a benign tumor that will not be dangerous if handled quickly and appropriately.

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