Facts You Must Know about Persian Cats

Persian cats are one of the most popular breeds of cats in Indonesia. The thick Persian cat fur and the unique shape of the face make this cat look more unique and funny. No wonder if in Indonesia this type of cat is a favorite pet by most people. There are several types of Persian cat species that can be your choice, including medium Persian, Himalayan Persian, Persian Flatnise and Persian Peaknose. All of which have their own fans and communities.
What are the facts about Persian cats?
The fact that the first Persian cat was related to its color. There are several colors that are identical to the Persian Cat which include white, yellow, black and gray. In addition to one color there are some types of cats that have a brownish-white color combination or other color combinations that depend on the parent genes. You can choose the color of the cat to your liking when buying or adopting it.
In addition to color, Persian cats are also very loved because of their characteristics which tend to be more calm than other types of cats. In addition this type of cat is also more adaptable to the new friendly environment and not easily stressed. This is the reason that makes this type of cat very suitable as a pet at home.
In addition to its unique characteristics, there are a number of things that you should pay attention to when you decide to keep this type of cat, especially regarding the intake of nutrients and nutrients needed. Because if the nutrients in the food are not met, this cat will tend to be more susceptible to disease and more at risk of hair loss. There are several diseases that can attack this type of cat such as eye disease, fungus and hair ball disease. To prevent this, make sure you bathe your cat regularly and maintain the intake of nutrients in the food they consume. Also make sure you check your cat regularly to the vet. Thus a few reviews related to Persian cats that we can convey, hopefully can be useful ..
Description: Persian cat is one of the most favorite pet cats in Indonesia which is identical with the color, characteristics, and face shape that is very adorable

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