Goat Feed Innovation, No Need to Search for Grass

Until now, goat livestock, is still one of the side businesses that are often found in rural areas, this is due to public perceptions that goats will be very troubled by searching for goat feed in the form of grass. This does not need to be a concern anymore, because now there is introduced feed innovation in the form of fermented feed which is felt to be more effective, inexpensive and easy to obtain.
Benefits of Goat Fermented Animal Feed
There are so many benefits gained from the innovation of fermented goat fodder, in addition to improving the digestive system of goats, can also increase goat milk production, can significantly improve goat development due to increased appetite of goats, increase the resistance of goats to various diseases, reduce levels cholesterol in goat meat, other than that goat manure which is fed fermented food also has no smell and is better to be used as manure, so it is very safe for the environment.
How to Make Fermented Goat Feed
To make this fermented goat's feed quite easy, the ingredients needed are also simple, namely dry straw or can be replaced with banana trees, tofu dregs, granulated sugar, water and salt, and you can add with bran and SOC HCS which can be replaced with pineapple. To make it, you can simply cut straw or banana trees into small pieces. prepare one grated pineapple or 3 tablespoons of SOC HSC with 10 liters of water for straw, or 1 liter of water for a banana tree. Mix the solution with tofu dregs and rice bran, let stand 15 minutes and pour into a mixture of straw or banana spices. for those of you who use banana trees can be given directly to goat livestock, while for straw material needs to be stored in an airtight container for 1 day.
The variety of benefits offered from the diversion of this type of feed is what makes goat livestock entrepreneurs turn to the provision of fermented feed. Thus the innovation of goat feed that you can try at home, hopefully useful ..
Description: Goat feed has now been innovated with the use of materials that are easier to obtain with more profitable results, namely with fermented animal feed

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