How to Overcome the Android Keyboard with Errors

Ever felt an Android keyboard error or could not be used suddenly ?. The keyboard is one very important feature for a smartphone, especially for Android OS smartphones that use a touch screen display. The keyboard has functions for typing and entering data in applications that are on your smartphone. So what if your keyboard suddenly can't function properly? Of course you will not be able to use some important applications on your smartphone. For that, follow the guide on how to solve the android error keyboard below.
Causes the Android keyboard to become an error
There are some problems that often arise related to keyboard applications on smartphones, which include the appearance of the keyboard does not appear, or appear but can not function even sometimes the keyboard typing itself. This is not without reason. Android keyboard errors are generally caused by several things, among others, due to problems with Android hardware such as crashing or piling up cache that is not cleared. In addition, another thing that causes keyboard errors is a bug when you update the keyboard application that you are using.
How to fix Android Error Keyboard
There are several steps you can take to fix the Android error keyboard, the first step is to check the cache on the phone by entering the settings menu and entering the keyboard application, then delete the cache by selecting clear data. But if the keyboard still doesn't work properly and the message android keyboard has stopped appears, you can do the second way. After entering the settings menu select Apps and select the download manager application then select disabled and change it to enable.
But if both of these methods still fail, you can install a keyboard application that suits your smartphone type. Once installed, select the settings menu, language & input, then select the keyboard application that you have installed. Those are some ways you can do to overcome the Android error keyboard, hopefully it can be useful for you.
Description: The Android keyboard error is one of the problems that often occurs on a betbased android smartphone with a touch screen, to recover it there are several ways you can try yourself before bringing it to a service center.

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